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田嶋宏行 海外美術館収蔵作品展

2023. 7月15日(土)~12月17日(土)


主催 / 結工房 田嶋宏行記念美術館

In this special exhibition, we will showcase prints from
Hiroyuki Tajima's works, which are held in art museums
around the world. As an artist who experienced world wars,
Tajima sought peace and aspired to bring hope and healing
to people through his artworks. Through this special exhibition,
we aim to remember the tragedies and sacrifices of war and
share our desire for  peace, praying that people worldwide  will come together and collaborate in building a peaceful future.

We will be held from July 15th to December 17th, 2023.

見出し h1

We will donate 50% of the proceeds and contributions received from visitors of the exhibition will be given to the Embassy of Ukraine.

Nous ferons don de 50 % des recettes et des contributions reçues des visiteurs de l'exposition à l'Ambassade d'Ukraine.


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